List of Words to Describe Killing Different People
amicicide: murder of a friend
episcopicide: killing of bishops
filicide: killing of one's own child
fratricide: killing of one's brother
gynaecide: killing of women
mariticide: killing or killer of one's husband
matricide: killing of one's mother
neonaticide: killing or killer of a newborn infant
parenticide: killing or killer of one's parents
parricide: killing of parents or a parent-like close relative
patricide: killing of one's father
prolicide: killing of offspring; killing of the human race
regicide: killing of a monarch
senicide: killing of old men
siblicide: killing or killer of a sibling
sororicide: killing of one's own sister
speciocide: destruction of an entire species
tyrannicide: killing of a tyrant
uxoricide: killing of one's own wife
vaticide: killing of a prophet
I don't get the double standard she is talking about. I don't like Emma cause is the reason Paul and Jacob are dead.

Long Post Ahead!

The double standard in the fandom is that lots of people hate Emma for the things she’s done (like kill Jacob, kidnap Joey, tried to kill Claire, killed her mom…and for being a person with absolutely horrible morals) but they totally disregard the fact that Joe is, and will always be, a character with non-existent morals (hell, at least Emma never lied about loving someone. I think she really did love Jacob). Most people who watch The Following love Joe but couldn’t care for Emma, even though we saw how manipulative Joe was towards her. There are viewers who hate Emma for just being Emma.

There is probably a high possibility that if Emma were a male character, we’d probably be all over them. Hell, if Emma were a male character I would have probably done some insane fanfictions. But the fact is that since she is a female character, she is perceived very differently by everyone. Usually, female characters in Drama/Horror or Sci-fi shows are very rarely portrayed as brilliant and complex as Emma was. The Complex Villain role is typically reserved for male characters. For example, we have:

- Crowley from Supernatural
- The Governor from The Walking Dead
- Ezekiel and Metatron from Supernatural
Sylar from Heroes

(Not included in the short list are re-makes and older shows.)

Emma is a character who is vibrant, complex, morally twisted…but she’s still capable of love and affection. She would fit the clinical diagnosis of sociopath with hybristophiliac tendencies. She’s meant to be a character that you either love or hate.

She is the reason why Jacob and Paul are dead. But Joe is the reason for Roderick’s death and Debra’s death, even if he didn’t kill them directly.

I don’t like Emma as a person the same way I don’t like Joe as a person. Yet, I deeply appreciate them as multidimensional, interesting characters.



I just want this at the top of my blog forever, okay?


I just want this at the top of my blog forever, okay?

I love Emma. I defend her to the end, and I love getting into arguments where they’re like “I hate her! She’s the worst!” It has been an eye-opening experience to play a female villain and to see a lot of double standards in the audience’s reaction to the men versus the women. I will miss the humor of her dryness, which can be so absurd. I won’t miss the weight that she always had to carry, especially in season two. I’m happy that she’s come to an end and that arc is finished and she’s in a better place, maybe…probably not. It’s a character that would be exhausting to live with for a very long time.

Queen Valorie Curry on what she’ll miss about Queen Emma Hill. [ x ]

So happy to see her mention the fandom double standard. We need more people calling people out on it.

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Tilda in 2x14 “Silence”

Despite my love, I am no martyr.
Don’t make me out to be.
I won’t sacrifice myself for anyone,
who can’t do the same for me.


Want to come to dinner?

If you look closely towards the end, you can see what looks like Mike getting shot down in one of those flash scenes. Along with Claire and Joe about to kiss.

Good Luck On Exams. Will the fics requested before season 2 be finished no matter what happens? Everyone looking forward to sex tape 1

…Yes. Of course. Mike could end up being a Follower and I’d still continue on with posting Season 1 Fanfiction!

I’ve got it in the works. The Sex Tape Fanfiction is halfway completed, Chapter 2 of my Rodston story will be up eventually, and my Reader/Roderick story is so hot I swear every time I load it from my flash drive my laptop screen starts to melt.

So, yeah. Have some cute-hot Mike/Ryan in the meantime:

He was cold. Perpetually, needlessly cold.

His dad was dead, he shot an unarmed woman point-blank and Ryan lied to protect his sorry ass.


All he and Ryan ever did was lie.

He was getting fairly good at it. Lie to keep Ryan safe, lie to keep Claire alive, lie to keep his own goddamn sanity long enough for him to stockpile enough cash and head south of the border…

With Ryan.

Ryan the idiot. The man who he was slowly starting to become; the writer, the kind-hearted morally obscure detective he idolized.

"You know what they say, Mike, you should never meet your heroes." He let the words roll out  his mouth in a low growl. Carefully, he trailed a finger up Mike’s bare spine, pausing to caress each raised scar that crisscrossed  his shoulder blades like stitching on a patchwork quilt.

Mike groaned, tuning on his side to meet the eyes of his lover.

It was funny, the way he gave Ryan explicit permission to string Carrie along; to coax her and make her into an unknowing ally for the FBI’s holy crusade.

Now, Claire was the only reminder of Joe left. Ryan really did love her…and he was, understandably, pissed that Mike kept her survival a secret for so damn long.

Mike wondered if Ryan would ever forgive him completely.

"You don’t get it, do you, Ryan?" He tried to keep his tone as light as possible, cutting through the miasma of silence that seemed to engulf the room. "I love you. I love you more than I probably fucking should-"

"What are you getting at?"

"I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you she was alive."

Tears were starting to gather in the corner of his eyes. The weight of his grief pounded hard in his chest. The guilt of killing Lily in cold blood curled in his stomach, and the regret of not telling Ryan that Claire was alive…

"It’s okay, Mike." Ryan pulled him close. He fit comfortably against his chest, crying silent tears into his pillow case. Placing his lips on Mike’s forehead, he gave him a lasting kiss. "It’s going to be okay."

"Do you forgive me?" He racked out the words between sobs.

"I always will," Ryan whispered. "You just need to work on forgiving yourself."

Any new fics soon?

I’m currently in exam week, so there will be more mini fictions left over from last time posted sometime AFTER the last episode of the season!

Plus, I really want to see who makes it out alive before I start putting up fictions again.

The Following AND Supernatural
  • Push off a cliff: Lily Gray.
  • Frick frack: RODERICK. Preferably more than once.
  • Marry: Mike? Or…probably Mike. Yeah, not the best choice but he seems the most stable.
  • Set on fire: Joe.
  • Wrap a blanket around: Ryan and Mike. At the same time. Under the same blanket because how cute would that be am I right
  • Be roommates with: Jacob AND Paul!

    • Push off a cliff: Crowley the bastard
    • Frick frack: Dean Winchester, Gabriel, Jo Harvelle, Gabriel…GABRIEL 
    • Marry: Dean.
    • Set on fire: Abbadon
    • Wrap a blanket around: Garth and Samandriel
    • Be roommates with: Charlie Bradbury

      And I could be wrong, but I have a good feeling I know who this anon is.


true friendship is willfully making someone’s emotional devastation over fictional characters worse